Burma Day in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

A one-day comprehensive knowledge on Burma


Burma Day

October 6, 2008


University of Winnipeg

Women’s Club, 54 West Gate Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba



The Empowering Women of Burma, Thailand in cooperation with the Empowering Women of Burma, Canada will have a Burma Day Program on the 6th Oct at University of Winnipeg Women‘s Club, 54 West Gate Road, Winnipeg, MB.




A lecture will be given by Professor Tin Yee, the adjunct professor of the Simon Fraser University. Plenty of questions and answers will be welcomed and discussed. The real situation of the cyclone Nagis inside Burma and the border areas will be emphasized.


Information Session


Photo exhibition of the developmental projects in the peripherals of Burma, and inside Burma relating to cyclone Nagis relief efforts plus a few video presentations including how EWOB has launched a University Program; All Ethnic International Open University for the past 8 years will be screened.


Welcome one Welcome All!



For more info: burmaday2008@gmail.com



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