Tribute and Farewell

We Shall Overcome


No matter what odds we faced we shall overcome, is first taught to us by Sergio REGAZZONI in 1983 when we were in Burma implementing a micro project during the Burmese Socialist days. At that time Asie et Pacifique director of CCFD (Committe Catholique cotre la faim et por le Developpement) a French Catholic NGO helping the least of the brethren countries with its development initiative. Now as we give him our last respect to him, at the age of 65 in St Peter and St Paul Church in Evry, his words still echo in our ears, We Shall Overcome. Sergio REGAZZONI you will never die for generations and generations of Burmese will carry on your noble work.

It was he that give the impetus to find a small Burmese NGO and to work silently with humility and sincerity and since NGOs were barred in Burma at that time we come under the umbrella of a religious organization and name ourselves as CPDSK (Christian Participation in the Development of Shan, Kayah and Karen States Community) and during the course of 5 years has managed to participate in 97 developmental projects (Credit has to be given to the Party and ‘Council for every development project while we quietly write a report to CCFD). In 1988 when we discovered that we were on the wrong side of the border we continue as EWOB (Empowering Women of Burma) and AEIOU, the All Ethnic International Open University is but one of the major projects.

Now at the funeral of Sergio REGAZZONI, it was really nostalgia to see many of our old international friends, who have fought and run away and continue to fight in whatever way in struggle in what they believe just to brighten the corner of where they are. Surely the world will not be as what we wish to be but according to the Lord`s will for He is the Lord of History and the Lord of Science.

EWOB/AEIOU is now also facing many difficulties, but with the power of metta, we shall overcome and will die fighting until our last breath.

Farewell Sergio REGAZZONI.

You live within our hearts!


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