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Zero brain-drain

Messages from the Graduates
1992 – 2010 and present
Servicing The Communities

EWOB programs and trainings are designed for zero brain-drain. And here are some of the updates from our graduates.
Note: for security reason, we have eliminated the name and personal info.

Class of 2008, Faculty of Dentistry

Dear Saya: How are you? I am fine and fat. After my studies, I joined Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) dental department. I also worked with the migrant schools for dental and the health team from Korea and U.S.A, both in the inside and outside of Maesot. Sometimes, we go to the Mae La Oo camp for dental and medical checking. But now those NGOs are back in their countries. This program has finished.

Last month, I was teaching at the Children Development Center (CDC) at the request of Dr. Cynthia Maung. I am teaching at the Grade ( 11 to 12 ) as environment teacher in social studies. Only 2 days ( Thursday and Friday) per week. Other days, I work at the dental department.

Currently, I am trying to get some work at other school health team at Mae Tao Clinic. Also they honoured me with a good salary. Thank you so much.

All above are updates of my true information. Sometime I attend the meeting for EWOB in Maesot. Thank you so much. I never forget all of you.