Burma Day Event, SFU downtown campus

SFU and EWOB jointly held

Burma Day Event, Vancouver, November 25, 2011

About 100 different professional attended, and participate in the dialogue of Democratic reform after ASSK release. What will be the positive changes after the election? What about the political prisoners? How can we help guide the movement of democratic reform in Burma?

1st Panel covers the current political situation in Burma. And the panel members are:
. Professor from the School of International Studies (SFU)
. Former Foreign Affairs Secretary of Burma (Prof. Kanbawza Win)
. CFOB representative (absent)
. All Ethnic Committee secretary (Sai Aung)

2nd Panel covers the topics on Burmese Diasporas and Development. The panel members are:
. Health and Education (Dr. TIn Yee, founder of EWOB)
. Giving a hand to displaced living with HIV in S.E.Asia (Dr. Thiha Maung Maung)
. Reverend Soe (absent)
. Karen refugee representative (Tha Da Hser)

The event concluded with photo display, and ethnic costumes fashion-show.


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