About The Empowering Women of Burma

The Empowering Women of Burma (EWOB) is a non-profit, non-partisan, apolitical, and secular organization whose mission is to improve the status of the citizens of Burma especially Women and Children through education, sustainability and technology.

Founded by Professor Dr. Ma Tin Yee in 1992 and established as a registered Canadian charity in 1998. EWOB provides official donation receipt which can be claimed in your income Tax filing.

EWOB is affiliated with the Coalition against Trafficking Women (CATW), which has consultative status with UN-ECOSOC: the Economic and Social Council.

Why we do What we do?

The unchanging fact about Burma is that thousands of civilians who flee from the ruling Military Regime or millions of people who resides in the country at gun points are vulnerable and degraded in many chapters of life. And the change has to come from within.

What we do?

The Empowering Women of Burma (EWOB) is providing empowerment through nutrition; war-time education; vocational training; sustainable development programs; community involvement; dialogue culture and open university for life-long-learning.

Why we do it?

By providing action-driven support, the Empowering Women of Burma believe that a more viable future can be established for the people of Burma. Furthermore, fleeing citizens can resist temptations such as flash-trade if the options are provided to them.

Other holistic gains such as self-esteem, respect in the communities, regards in the bordering countries, ability to think critically will place them in a better position.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of EWOB is to give moral and educational training to the refugees and displaced persons residing in the bordering countries. Attempt to save the ethnic nationalities from extinction and to further their educational capacity.

To this ever growing refugee population fleeing from danger, the EWOB who speaks the languages of the refugees and comprehends their psyche & rationale turn them into students, giving them focus and concentration which improves their self-worth and makes them value their culture, their heritage, their language, and cope them with the rigors of modern life.


The EWOB believe in the universality and indivisibility of human rights. And this can be achieved through education.

Policy (Environment & Ethics)

Cut a tree? Plant a tree! is EWOB policy for fresh produce, and food preservation initiatives. EWOB prevailing policy covers fair trade, a system of commerce that promotes a sustainable environment, labor rights, a good wage and healthy working conditions for laborers as well as their families and communities.

EWOB’s basic principles of fair trade include:

  • A fair, living wage for laborers
  • Direct trade that eliminates middlemen
  • Safe, healthy working conditions
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Respect for cultural identity
  • Community development
  • Opportunities for marginalized communities

Project Goals

  • To give vocational training in the need felt area
  • To maintain and further the traditional values, culture and beliefs
  • To aspire for higher education

All gifts to the Empowering Women Of Burma are tax-deductible

EWOB established as a registered Canadian charity in 1998 and France charity in 2009. It provides official donation receipt which can be claimed in your Income Tax filing in France and Canada.

Together We Stand!


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