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Candlelight Vigil

EWOB solidarity with “Jagruiti”

January 2, 1700hr
Candlelight Vigil for “Jagruti” (2012 Delhi gang rape case)
Holland Park, 13428 Old Yale Road
Surrey, British Columbia

Jagruti is a pseudonym used for the victim. It meant awareness.


























Happy Holidays!

EWOB_2012 Season's Greeting card

EWOB_2012 Season’s Greeting Card

Fund Raising continues…

Fund Raising Event

Community to Community Fundraising

The people of Burma who seek refuge in the lower mainland BC came together to continue support the fellow refugees in the Thai-Burma border area including orphanage schools and nursery schools.

About 16 different Burmese food vendors were there and all foods sold out within 1.5 hours of the event.

Thanks EVERYONE for making this event happened. Appreciate it.

Nursery Schools Re-opened

EWOB managed to sustain

Mae La Oo Nursery School, Thai-Burma Border area

Regardless of continued donor-fatigue, EWOB tried it best to facilitate donations for 800 children nursery school in Mae La Oo refugee camp in the border area.

Please continue to support EWOB initiatives any mean you can. Thank you.

Education System Breakdown under The Military’s Rule

Highlighting Burma Education System Breakdown under
The Military’s Rule.
Dr. Tine Yee answered and highlighted real situations in Burma including Education System breakdown under the ruler of military regime. She also expressed how mothers were broken and tormented from witnessing their children gunned down in front of their eyes, and that this film depicts the real-moment she (as a mother) went through in 1998. Dr. Tin Yee concluded by repeating ASSK’s phrase ‘Use your liberty to promote ours’.
May 5, 2012
Dr. Tin Yee was one of the key speakers at the screening of “The Lady” Movie. Amnesty International, Vancouver has the privilege of screening a preview film of The Lady, starring Michelle Yeoh as the pro-democracy activist who spent 15 years under house arrest in Burma.

Union of Burma Day

EWOB participated in

Union of Burma Day Discussion

The Union of Burma Day event with all ethnic groups in the lower mainland BC. Continued collaboration, support and mutual trust initiatives were discussed.

Memorandum of Understanding: MOU Extended

Memorandum of Understanding: MOU

For one of the EWOB programs, AEIOU

EWOB and SFU VP of external relations discussed to extend the current MOU between SFU and CMU until 2018.

The two Universities will continue to collaborate in The International Studies and Humanity Program.

This MOU serves as a corner stone for the out-reach program to Canadian post-secondary students, and Burmese students in Diasporas.

Thank you all for your assistance in the ‘Sustainable Development’.