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Songs, Sports, and Christmas activities

Songs and Rhymes in Orphanage Nursery School, Refugees camp in Thai-Burma border area. Click to view its video.

Christmas Activity by EWOB

Sports Day and Baloons by EWOB

Sports Activity by EWOB

Change must come from within, and we need to create that avenue. Dr. Tin Yee

The Empowering Women of Burma presents

Child-Psychology in Education

Raising awareness amongst the Educators of Canada

Making known of the trauma amongst the war-time children in the peripherals of Burma.

November, 2011 at South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Burma Day Event, SFU downtown campus

SFU and EWOB jointly held

Burma Day Event, Vancouver, November 25, 2011

About 100 different professional attended, and participate in the dialogue of Democratic reform after ASSK release. What will be the positive changes after the election? What about the political prisoners? How can we help guide the movement of democratic reform in Burma?

1st Panel covers the current political situation in Burma. And the panel members are:
. Professor from the School of International Studies (SFU)
. Former Foreign Affairs Secretary of Burma (Prof. Kanbawza Win)
. CFOB representative (absent)
. All Ethnic Committee secretary (Sai Aung)

2nd Panel covers the topics on Burmese Diasporas and Development. The panel members are:
. Health and Education (Dr. TIn Yee, founder of EWOB)
. Giving a hand to displaced living with HIV in S.E.Asia (Dr. Thiha Maung Maung)
. Reverend Soe (absent)
. Karen refugee representative (Tha Da Hser)

The event concluded with photo display, and ethnic costumes fashion-show.

Nay Chi Oo – Nursery School

EWOB- Nursery Education
Nay Chi Oo – ABSDF Camp, Burma
Third generation growing up in the refugee camps and with high hope for the better future in Burma. The first generation is 8888. Brief-History: ABSDF – All Burma Student Democratic Front – an exile youth generation from the 8.8.88 uprising in Burma.
EWOB – The Empowering Women of Burma is a non-profit, non-partisan, apolitical, and secular organization whose mission is to improve the status of the citizens of Burma especially Women and Children through education, sustainability and technology.

Current Crisis Presentation

Presentation of Peripherals Burma
Uptown Church, BC
September 6, 2011
EWOB presents current crisis and suffering children in the peripherals of Burma.

Asian Heroes Award Winner

Asian Heroes Award Winner
Presented by Asia-Hero Foundation, September 17, 2011
The Gala Ceremony was held at the River Rock Theater in Richmond, BC, Canada.
Dr. Tin Yee was recognised, and awarded one of the Asian Heroes by the Asian-Heroes Foundation, Canada – a charitable arm of Southeast Asia Canada Business Council.
Dr. Tin Yee thanked “The Aisan-Heroes Foundation” for the positive encouragement and moral-support. Since the world financial crisis hit in 2008, several non-profit efforts continue to face the donor-fatique. None the less, EWOB steadfast and dedication towards the unfortunate fellow men continues.
Dr. Tin Yee concluded her speech by stating “Honored and humbly received this award on behalf of the unsung heroes of Burma”.
There were a total of 250 people including honorable guests, MPs, and distinguised personals representing Afganistan, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Burma.

Teachers’ Training

EWOB Teachers’ Training Program
Mae La Oo Camp, Burma (June-Sept, 2011)

Fund Raising within “Karen” Community

EWOB Fund Raising Event
Gateway Baptist Church, July 2011
Some of the refugees from Karen State, Burma – who now resides in Canada are looking back and helping the fellow Karen villagers, and Karen refugees in Burma.

Some of the products made by the Refugees at the camp in the Peripherals Burma are brought to Canada to sell at the fund-raising, and to raise awareness in the public-events.
The raised-funds from the sold-refugee-products are directly deliver to the Refugee camps, and villages in Burma, a self-sustainable program by EWOB.