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Why we do What we do?

Again, the unchanging fact about Burma is that thousands of civilians who flee from the ruling Military Regime or millions of people who resides in the country at gun points are vulnerable and degraded in many chapters of life. And the lasting change comes from within.

What we do?

The Empowering Women of Burma (EWOB) delivers empowerment through nutrition; war-time education; vocational training; sustainable development programs; community involvement; Dialogue Culture and Open University for life-long-learning.

Why we do it?

By providing action-driven support, the Empowering Women of Burma believe that a more viable future can be established for the people of Burma. Furthermore, fleeing citizens can resist temptations such as flash-trade if the options are provided to them.

Other holistic gains such as self-esteem, respect in the communities, regards in the bordering countries, ability to think critically will place them in a better position.

Together We Stand!