Asian Heroes Award Winner
Presented by Asia-Hero Foundation, September 17, 2011
The Gala Ceremony was held at the River Rock Theater in Richmond, BC, Canada.
Dr. Tin Yee was recognized, and awarded one of the Asian Heroes by the Asian-Heroes Foundation, Canada – a charitable arm of Southeast Asia Canada Business Council.
Dr. Tin Yee thanked “The Aisan-Heroes Foundation” for the positive encouragement and moral-support. Since the world financial crisis hit in 2008, several non-profit efforts continue to face the donor-fatigue. None the less, EWOB steadfast and dedication towards the unfortunate fellow men continues.
Dr. Tin Yee concluded her speech by stating “Honored and humbly received this award on behalf of the unsung heroes of Burma”.
There were a total of 250 people including honorable guests, MPs, and distinguished personals representing Afghanistan, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Burma.
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Dated: July 28, 2009

AEIOU is very sorry for being unable to open all the faculties as in previous years due to budget stringency. But we will try our level best to continue to functions the following faculties:

. Faculty of Pedagogy
. Faculty of Medicine
. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
. Faculty of Dentistry

The rest of the faculties such as Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Management and Administration will have to wait for further announcement as it will depend very much on our budget which we are trying to secure.

The post graduate students who have qualified will continue to study in our related international universities.

We are also sorry to announce that the fresher who have successfully passed the AEIOU written examination in 2008 will have to be postponed.

Dr. Ma Tin Yee (Rosy)
Rector AEIOU
Director of EWOB


Important Announcement

Dated: July 25, 2009

AEIOU 2009 Semester

To all our Friends, Students, Faculty Staffs, Office Staffs, Well Wishers, Volunteers, Patrons, Sympathetic, Passionate and Compassionate donors including Cetena Shin.

On behalf of the persecuted people of Burma, we like to convey our profound and sincere thanks for your kind support.

Knowing that the right kind of university education, and appropriate curricula, compatible with Burma is very crucial to our beloved Pyidaungsu (Union of Burma) and for the coming generations, AEIOU have tried its level best to keep it running with our shoe string budget since 2000. As for this year, the unfavorable international circumstances and global financial crisis have placed us in a very difficult position to be able to open all the faculties of the AEIOU. However, in the course aligning and adjusting ourselves to the new and unpredictable situation, we hope to be in a position to open the professional faculties for this 2009 semester.

Individual invitations will be sent to the second and third years students of the professional faculties. Students can contact us via email (,, for their travel, security visa, and transportation before the end of August 2009.

Preferences will be given to those who have proven to be very dedicated to serve the communities.

Best Regards to All.

Sd. Dr. Ma Tin Yee (Rosy)
Rector of AEIOU
Director of Empowering Women of Burma.